Micro Courses

Work Breakdown Structure

Once developed, the work breakdown structure is the basis of all further planning. Hence the definition of a high quality work breakdown structure is important for the success of the project. Upon completion of this course, you will learn about the characteristics of good WBS, and the steps to be followed to develop a good quality work breakdown structure.

Project Scope

Improper scope definition and maintenance results in customer dissatisfaction and rework. This module explains various best practices which will help you to capture the detail requirements from relevant stakeholders, and to convert them into a scope baseline. This will also teach you the management of baseline scope throughout the project life cycle.

Project Organizational Structure

Projects involve several stakeholding organizations. For the successful completion of projects, effective team work of these organizations are important. Upon successful completion of this course you will learn to define optimal team structures with clear allocation of accountability and responsibility.

Earned Value Management

If we can control the schedule performance and cost performance of projects, the projects will be completed on time and within budget. The system to do this is Earned Value Management. Upon completion of this course, you will understand all the building blocks of EVMS You will also learn to interpret the key ratios of progress monitoring and the corrective actions.

Understand the various management roles in projects

Role clarity of the key stakeholders is critical to the project’s success. In today’s complex project environments this is not a given. This module analyses the various roles like the Project sponsor, Portfolio managers, Program managers, Project managers, Project Controllers, Team leads and Site s0upervisors. This module also discusses the various competencies and skills required for these roles, including the professional ethics.

Master project budgeting

One of the main reasons for budget overruns in projects is the lack of accuracy in project budgeting. As the projects gets progressively elaborated, the projects budgets also gets more detailed and accurate. Upon completion of this module, You will master the various types of budgets, their purpose, expected accuracy levels, stages in which they are prepared and the tools and techniques used for estimation and budgeting. 

Master risk analysis and mitigation

Upon successful completion of this module, you will learn to identify various risks and  prepare a risk register for a project. You will also learn to perform qualitative risk analysis and develop risk response and contingency actions. You will be able to track the effectiveness of risk management in a project using risk burn-down charts. 

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